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Audi Announces Official Mobility Program: Audi on Demand+

Audi on demand+ is a short term rental service program specifically designed for local Chinese upper-class customers. It provides short term rental services that include the Audi family’s sedan, SUV and sports cars. It is also the only mobility program in the Chinese market which is officially run by an automobile brand. Audi on demand+ aims to provide personalized commute solution for high-end customers. The service has been firstly launched in Beijing and will roll out across other major Chinese cities in the coming years. 

Hassle-free Personalized Service

Audi on demand+ is an optimal choice for upper-class customers who value efficiency and driving experience. In order to fulfil their needs and serve them better, Audi has designed a series of concierge-style services in response to the requirement of China’s premium car rental market.

(1)All Audi models at your service. Pick the model you prefer based on your mood and traveling needs.

(2)Services including vehicle delivery, returning, traffic law violation and insurance coverage. Accident agents are also available. With the entire professional team behind you making sure everything goes smoothly, all you have to do is drive.

(3)Free personalized services are provided including accessories such as child seats and umbrellas. All the vehicles are carefully serviced and their models constantly upgraded, following the Audi global uniform standards.

One Click towards a Comfortable Life

You can start using Audi on demand+ after downloading the app and completing your registration. Drive off and enjoy the views at offer. Audi has diligently worked to simplify the rental process. There is no lines examining the vehicle, no need to deposit huge amounts in advance, no need for tedious checking of records and no driving all the way back to return the vehicle. 

Compared to other rental services in the market, it is clearly evident that Audi on demand+ is a continuity of the high standard and strict requirement that the Audi brand has set upon them. It does not only provide a commute solution for premium customers, but it also gives them a new way of enjoying lives.