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2015 Audi Innovation Lab was officially launched on May 24th, 2015. Audi Innovation Lab is a national competition organized for the creative and innovative groups. Audi appreciates creative ideas and proposals, by providing a platform for the innovative youths to present their inspirations, to meet their like-minded enthusiasts, and to be able to interact and engage with the experts.

After the successful campaigns were hold in 2013 and 2014, Audi Innovation Lab set sail again in 2015. With the theme of 'Future Mobility' in 2015, Audi Innovation Lab aimed to look for the creative proposals and innovative solutions to change the future urban transportation. The contest was carried out in three specific directions.

Transportation Tool and Technology

All the disruptive car design proposals aiming to create better transportation, and visionary technological inventions based on the vehicle itself, showcase the future transportation technology and exterior design.

Directions including, but not limited to the following items:

•Civilian piloted drive technology
•Intelligent vehicle equipment
•In-car control system applied with biological recognition technology
•New driving technology
•Renewable energy solutions
•Last mile solution
•Innovative accessories, wearable equipment connected with the vehicle

City Planning and Infrastructure

Integrity of urban traffic planning and road facility is a prerequisite for urban development. Both the constructive strategies inject fresh energy to the urban transportation, and the road facility solutions to realize the humanism idea of modern urban traffic would solve the problems of current urban transportation and drive the healthy urbanization development and construction.

Directions including, but not limited to the following items:

•Smart city motorway and road network planning
•Intelligent parking spaces
•The urban traffic adaptive system based on the Internet of cars
•Recycled/clean energy solutions

Mobility Services and Car Connect

All the innovations aiming to promote public transportation efficiency, solutions to help urban citizens to facilitate travel, and service models connects people and vehicles or vehicles to vehicles,  improved the travel safety and efficiency.

Directions including, but not limited to the following items:

•Car sharing services in the Internet model
•Car rental business with new billing and profit model
•Innovative urban logistics service
•Innovative public transportation operation model
•Intelligent Internet parking system

Group competition was added in 2015. The investors of venture capital and the industrial experts and the mentors from the Audi Asia R&D Center were invited as the judges. Experience sharing from the innovation pioneers and start-up stars inspired the young innovators during the promotion tour in the incubator parks.

In the final, Huangbo, Gengjing and Guyanbo won the best group award by their project Vision of Future Smart City. The winners in three directions are Luoyi (Deadlock Breaker Project), Wangzibing (Baojia Rental Car Project) and Xinxin (Cell Metro Project) and the most popular award winner is Zumu (Intelligent Transport System Project).

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