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Revival of the Senses 

In the era of sensory overload, the future of premium begins with a revival of the senses.

Our premium future is not something you will scan, it’s something you will feel. On the way to becoming the premium digital car company, Audi has launched the biggest transformation in its corporate history. Moving quickly and unconventionally into new areas of design, the brand is introducing ground breaking ideas that are changing the urban landscape and giving customers more freedom than ever before. Core to this aspiration is the use of future materials that enhance the human experience with innovative technology.

But shaping the future means transforming the view of digitalization from a tech-centered,  perspective to a more personal experience eliciting emotional responses that are colorful, delightful and full of life. In other words, we need a revival of the senses.

In its fourth year taking part in the 751 International Design Festival during Beijing Design Week, the Audi Design Exhibition 2017 will explore the role of sensory experience on innovative materials and how impulses impact the way we experience the environment around us. Curated at the Audi China Building in the heart of the capital’s art district and in partnership with materials innovators, a collection of award-winning Chinese and International designers present a series of interactive exhibits designed to awaken all of the senses – touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. The Audi Exhibition will present a sensory experience of new materials into the life of design: raincoats made of anhydrous fabric that present special patterns once wet (Zhang Na), a new realm in jewelry design with photopolymer and velvet spray (Huang Xiaodai), the renowned “Factory of Cloud” (Peng Xianfeng), and the latest work of Zhang Zhoujie with his return to the Audi Exhibition. From exploring fragrance as a material in both the virtual and material world (Me.We studio), to provocative installations such as the “Digital Species” (Li Wenlong) and “Hug Project” (Wang Yilin) which take us on a journey of re-discovery through the lens of basic human needs.

The Audi Design Exhibition 2017 was designed to inspire the visitor to strongly respond to his/her surroundings and share that response in an ideas exchange with China’s creative community on the role of innovative materials in the future of design. 

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