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Audi China provides a diverse and international working environment for our employees. In Audi, we have around 700 employees from 25 different countries and regions. We also have a close cooperation with AUDI AG, other branches of Audi and our partners in China. This has helped us to establish a worldwide network and cultivate a creative corporate culture. Working with colleagues from diversified backgrounds, we lead and support our employees, broadening their horizons and working with them to welcome and overcome various challenges in the global automotive market.


We take social responsibility seriously. As one of the leading car brands, Audi is always stepping up our commitment to the global community. Likewise, Audi China makes its own valuable contribution to charity, with programs and events including our Employee Fund, Sun Village Jumble Sale, Christmas Bazaar and more. Our working spaces also act as places for us to raise awareness and many employees are very proactive in their response to Audi campaigns, often volunteering their free time to work on a variety of different projects.


Cultural Activities

Audi does not only provide an engaging and supportive work environment, we also offer an abundance of leisure opportunities and resources. For example, during the two-week Christmas season staff can choose to get in touch with their inner bard and see Shakespeare on stage, or to relax and enjoy listening to symphony orchestras live. Sports fans can cheer on their team at CBA games, we also provide tickets for many more activities such as comedy shows, Beijing opera performances, family theatre events etc.


Working Environment

The Audi China building makes a lasting impression on our visitors thanks to its prolific architectural design and serene atmosphere. The building embodies minimalism and cutting-edge design, which reflects the innate sense of low profile luxury. Air cleaners are installed throughout the building to ensure employees have the best possible working environment no matter what the weather is like outside. Each employee has a comfortable work area with a minimum workspace of 8m2. Pantriesare always stocked up with plenty of coffee and office plants add extra vibrancy to our working spaces. At Audi, we know that a comfortable working environment is the best source of inspiration for our employees.


Summer Holiday Soccer Camp

AUDI AG is the main sponsor of the FC Ingolstadt 04, a German professional Soccer team, which is also the “home team” of the company. Its "Audi FC Ingolstadt Soccer Academy" is Germany’s largest club-based soccer school. Since 2016, Audi China has been holding the annual "Audi FC Ingolstadt Beijing Soccer Camp" with the Soccer Academy for children during the summer holidays, and employees' children aged 6 to 13 have the chance to take part. The FC Ingolstadt 04 provides every participant with a set of football equipment and shares their wealth of professional experience and training with the children throughout the camp. This camp not only is great fun for children but also teaches them great values through the power of sport.

Union Activities

The life-domain-balance is crucial for the employees to enjoy the working environment and keep the best work status. Due to this reason, the CompanyTrade Union provides the employees with various kinds of interesting activities.For example, ceramic art experience,badminton competition and takegism challenge.


Gym Center

We established the Yoga, badminton and Chinese Kungfu club, which helps all employees to enjoy a healthy life after work. In Audi China, Yoga teacher come to office to give lessons as routine and professional coaches will offer Taekwondo lessons. Audi China provides a member price for employees to learn Golf. Meanwhile, we signed contracts with several premium fit clubs to offer our employees the fitness sites and various kinds of exercises free. Think whatever the employees want is what Audi China always pursue to the utmost.


Choose Your Own Career

Audi China provides two-way career path directions for our employees. According to their own features, employees can choose the customized paths for themselves.

Expert Path

Advanced technology derived from our outstanding team of experts. By fully devoting to improving professional skills and accumulating knowledge, employees can choose the route of becoming an expert in their own working fields. In Audi China, you will have the opportunities to communicate with the fieldexperts worldwide and become one of them.


Leadership Path

The development of the team is crucial to the company as well. Employees can choose the path to develop as a team leader, focusing on enhancing the developing management competence and leading the team to success. From entry-level management positions to senior positions, it is always a way for you to find a suitable stage of development.

Development Process

Individualized career path could be optional for each employee based on his/her personal status. Through diversified programs of training, annual talent review and performance evaluation, employees with excellent performance and potential will be nominated for corresponding development programs, accordingly to realize the promotion of career development.



  • Mandatory social insurance and housing fund
  • Additional commercial insurance and supplementary medical insurance
  • Paid annual leave and additional corporate holiday
  • Free fitness center
  • Annual health check
  • Free vaccination
  • Discount of the car purchasing and leasing
  • Reimbursement of part of the tuition fee of the driving school
  • Employee canteen and free shuttle bus
  • Child Safety Seat
  • Nursery room