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Integrity and Compliance

What does Compliance stand for Audi China?

Adherence to legal requirements, internal corporate policies and regulations, stick to the ethical and integrity principles, and self-imposed values for the protection of the company and its brands.

In the long term, a company can only be successful if it acts with integrity, complies with statutory provisions worldwide and stands by its voluntary undertakings and ethical principles, even when this is the harder choice. Compliance must be second nature to all employees. This standard is also expected to be followed by our business partners. They are expected to act responsibly and to agree to comply with the requirements defined in the Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Audi China takes a preventive approach to compliance which would enhance employees’ awareness and knowledge in order to prevent potential breach of rules and ethical conducts before they happen. Compliance at Audi China is practiced through activities whose overall aim is to ensure that all employees – including members of the Board of Management, Management and Tariff Personnel act in accordance with internal regulations and all legal requirements and prohibitions. Internal Audit and Security complete systematic compliance checks, conduct necessary investigations on a regular basis, perform spot checks in the absence of suspicion, and examine the circumstances in cases of alleged misconduct. Human Resources and Legal respond immediately via applying relevant measures. These processes are closely integrated to form a holistic compliance management system. However, we are aware that even the best compliance management system can never fully exclude the possibility of criminal action by individual employees.
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