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Audi Report 2021: Combined financial statement and sustainability report

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Fiscal year 2021: Audi Group achieves all-time highs in operating profit and net cash flow

For Audi, financial success is inseparably linked with the acceptance of social and ecological responsibility. The new Audi Report 2021 consequently combines reporting on key financial figures with coverage of ESG topics (environment, social, governance).

Audi’s operating profit of 5.5 billion euros and the unwavering customer demand in fiscal year 2021 show that Audi has the financial strength to carry out its ambitious electric roadmap. To build on this successful track record, Audi will continue along the path it has forged and focus on technical innovations, internal transformation and the intelligent conjunction of economy and ecology in the future.

For the Audi Report 2021, the company carried out a comprehensive stakeholder survey to analyze the interests of main target groups, and it incorporated the findings into the content and structure of this report. In this report, AUDI AG gives an open, transparent and self-critical account of the path toward fewer CO₂ emissions in production and automobile usage, of its concept of a closed-loop economy and of how artificial intelligence can help improve compliance with human rights along the supply chain.

The Audi Report is available to readers online – another contribution to resource conservation, both ecologically and economically.


Dr. Michael Wilkes
Corporate Communications